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NAIOP New Jersey is an approved provider of CE credits for NJ Real Estate Brokers and Salespersons.
If you have a NJ Real Estate license that you intend to renew at the end the 2023 biennial license term, please note the following changes issued by the Real Estate Commission on April 7, 2021. Licensees are required to earn one Fair Housing credit in order to meet CE renewal education requirements. You must obtain all 12 of your Continuing Education (CE) credits by April 30, 2023. Pursuant to the NJ REC’s rules (Section 11:5-12.3), licensees who obtain credits after April 30 will have to pay a processing fee of $200. License renewal must be completed by June 30, 2023. Additionally, if you do not complete renewal by June 30, 2023, a late renewal fee of $200 will be assessed. Note that the late renewal fee is separate from the $200 CE late fee. Please contact Ayisha Miles at 732-799-9900 with questions.

Program Name

Real Estate Continuing Education (CE)


12 credits every 2 years, current licensing term ends on June 30, 2023

    • 2 hours - ETHICS
    • 3 hours - CORE
    • 6 hours - ELECTIVES: A mix, or all of the same, of any of the following four CE types: ELECTIVES or ETHICS or CORE or FAIR HOUSING

   12 hours TOTAL

Important Note:

    • ETHICS IS an acceptable substitute for CORE and ELECTIVES, but CORE and ELECTIVES IS NOT an acceptable substitute for ETHICS.
    • ETHICS, FAIR HOUSING and CORE ARE acceptable to use instead of ELECTIVES.

Logging Credits

CE credits earned by attending NAIOP NJ events will be uploaded to the NJ Real Estate Commission tracking system for you. Attendees must show proof of attendance by signing in at the beginning of the program and signing out at the end. You can keep track of your accumulated credits by logging on to the NJ Real Estate Commission online tracking system at 

Tracking Your Broker CE Credits

In order to find out how many CE credits you have received during this licensing period, visit NJ Real Estate Commission's CE tracking system at  To login in, you will need your: Username ( “L” + Real Estate License Number); and your Password (“L” + Real Estate License Number + last 4 digits of social security number, unless you have changed your password). Credits earned by attending NAIOP NJ programs approved for credit are uploaded to NJ REC's CE tracking system. Members may contact Jennifer Hartigan, Director of Programs and Education at for further assistance.

Continuing Education Agency

New Jersey Real Estate Commission, Education Bureau: Licensing and Education



Read side by side:

  1. Notice of Proposal
  2. Notice of Adoption

Disclaimer:  We have attempted to give an accurate representation of continuing education requirements, but it may be subject to errors and omissions.  Please contact the agency listed above for official information.

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