How You Can Help

"When it comes to legislative involvement, the New Jersey Chapter is one of the strongest. It was among the first chapters to create such a strong policy platform.  Others around the country have followed suit, many modeling themselves after the outstanding benchmark our New Jersey members have set.” - NAIOP Corporate President Tom Bisacquino

Do you want others controlling the agenda in Trenton, or will you stand up for your own interests and the interests of our larger industry?  Help us convince lawmakers to support our initiatives. Help us keep New Jersey working.  There are many ways you can support NAIOP New Jersey's efforts to protect and promote the commercial and industrial real estate industry.

Step up...join a policy committee.

Read up...learn about industry issues and NAIOP's positions in our publications.

Speak up...let your legislators know who you are, what your business means to their districts, and why you want them to support or oppose specific legislation.

Show up…make your presence known in Trenton: attend committee meetings when our bills are being heard, attend session days when our bills are up for a vote. Whenever legislators or cabinet members are speaking at NAIOP New Jersey events, be sure to attend and introduce yourself.

Ante up…support the Developers Political Action Committee and Funds for the Future. These voluntary contributions support our advocacy efforts on your behalf.  The clout of an organization does not just come from the size of its PAC, but also from the individual voices of its members. The most brilliant and compelling argument in favor of a bill carries little weight when it comes from one person. 100 people or 1,000 people making the same points from their own unique perspectives…that is what it takes to get Trenton’s ear.

Developers Political Action Committee: The Developer's Political Action Committee (DPAC) is a special fund made up of contributions (both personal and corporate) from NAIOP New Jersey members. These contributions are pooled to help support those legislators, candidates and public officials who understand the vital contributions the commercial real estate development industry makes to communities throughout New Jersey, and the state's overall economy. For more information about joining DPAC, please contact Michael McGuinness (732-729-9900).

Funds for the Future: Advocacy is the cornerstone of NAIOP New Jersey’s mission, and our many legislative accomplishments are achieved through our proactive, results-oriented and award-winning public affairs program.  As you renew your NAIOP New Jersey membership, you can make a voluntary contribution of just 68 cents per day to our special advocacy fund, Funds for the Future.  Your support will help to ensure our continued effectiveness at representing your interests in Trenton.  For more information on Funds for the Future, please call 732-729-9900.

Join One of our Policy Committees: NAIOP's public policy priorities and positions are developed with input from more than 100 members who participate in DPAC, our policy committees and our issues Task Forces. The Legislative, Regulatory Affairs and Legal Action Committees are open to any member in good standing. To volunteer, please contact Ernest Landante (732-729-9900).

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