NAIOP New Jersey's Public Policy Priorities

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NAIOP NJ's Policy Priorities

Affordable Housing Fees: Permanently eliminate non-residential real estate development fees and growth share, and enact a broad-based funding mechanism for affordable housing.

Transportation Trust Fund: Establish a permanent, stable, constitutionally dedicated and broad-based source of funding (e.g., increased gas tax, user fees) for the maintenance, expansion and improvement of our aging transportation infrastructure. 

Port Region Logistics Enhancement: expand the Urban Transit Hub Tax Credit to industrial freight villages located in port regions; increase DOT’s 263,000 pound rail car standard so that New Jersey is more competitive for industrial (warehouse/distribution) facilities; establish Port Support Zones to facilitate and streamline permits and improvements; and support the expansion of the Goethals Bridge to speed the flow of traffic and help NJ businesses.

Water Quality Management Planning: Reform the WQMP rules to require: the notification of affected property owners; reliance on more site-specific data; consistency among agencies; and an appeals process.

State Strategic Planning: New Jersey's State Strategic Plan for growth must ensure coordination and consistency across all state agencies so that we are relying on one central data source and set of assumptions.

Delegation of Permit and Code Inspection Reviews to Private Professionals: streamline the development process by reforming DEP’s land use programs to allow the delegation of permit programs to qualified private professionals, and by delegating the DCA’s local building permit reviews and code inspections to qualified private professionals.

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